About one in seven painting projects that begin with one painting contractor end with another. Why?

Maybe the contractor’s work is not on schedule or he realizes his bid was too low and isn’t motivated to work any faster.  Maybe his work is not up to par or his painters have just ticked off the home owner.  Cigarettes?  Loud radios?  One is seven?   How can this happen so often?


The simple fact is that most painting projects are exceedingly complicated.  There is always a myriad of unknowns and only savvy contractors make sure their all bases are covered.   Only qualified and conscientious painting contractors realize the value of communicating with the client and making sure they are always in the loop and happy with the progress.  But what can go wrong?


Details like “Who is going to move the furniture and or pictures?” to “What if I want to make changes along the way?” may not be clearly spelled out.


Things to think

Details like

 “Who is going to move the furniture and or pictures?” to “What if I want to make changes along the way?” may not be clearly spelled out.

Scheduling issues

“When is the job guaranteed to be completed?” or “Who suffers  for scheduling conflicts that occur that are simply unavoidable?”

Questions to consider

“What happens when a color or the sheen of the paint doesn’t match what the customer expected?”  of “Who pays for accidents as when a ladder collapses or a window gets broken?” 

Some more questions to ask

 “Who cleans up when the job is completed and what constitutes ‘clean’?”

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Painting contractor

Painting is complicated because it isn’t performed in a plant or a warehouse where variables can easily be eliminated.   Setting up ladders on carpet, working over someone’s patio and laboring around pricey home accessories is not an easy task.  It is easy for things to get scratched, floors dinged or items marked.  Almost every task along the way involves a painter doing something he has done multiple times, but his surroundings change every time.   Sanding involves dust.   Staining incur fumes and odors.  Painting repairs may involve extensive substrate repair depending on what makes the client happiest and different standards are always being applied.  And one person’s level of quality may not suffice for another’s.  These are just some of the things that make a painting contractor’s work so complicated.

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