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Kitchen Cabinets are usually the most costly renovations to do on your home, especially if you are installing new cabinets and counter tops. Here at Moorhouse, we understand the cost for installing a new cabinets can be outside your budget so we repaint and refinish your cabinet for much less.


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Park City, Utah

If you are looking for a qualified kitchen cabinets near Park City, Utah and surround areas like Summit County, contact a professional house painting expert as ourselves. As you know, kitchen renovations are costly and can leave you feeling frustrated. We understand that and can help your kitchen looking amazing without having to do a costly rennovations. 

Cabinet Painting

Are you happy with how your cabinet doors and style of your kitchen? Cabinet Painting is a cheap and affordable way to change the look and feel of your kitchen.

Custom Color Finishes

Transform the appearance of your kitchen cabinets and bring a splash of color to your home with custom color finishes. Most homeowners choose for white when choosing a cabinet paint color. If you have different taste, we offer an extensive palette of color options and finishing techniques, so that you can achieve the picture-perfect kitchen of your dreams.

Original Tune-Up

Has everyday wear and tear caught up with your cabinets? Our fast, affordable and comprehensive wood reconditioning process (Tune-Up) makes woodwork look like new. Quick and affordable, there’s no better way to revitalize your kitchen, bathroom, antiques, or home office.

An experienced contractor will have many, many photos to show you of past projects—it is the perfect time for a painting contractor to shine. The biggest thing we emphasize to our project manager and painters is the importance of disrupting the homeowner’s life as little as humanly possible. We 100% understand the difficulties and strains any sort of renovation, whether big or small, can have on a family, especially if the family is living in the house during the renovation.

Why you should you repaint your kitchen painted & not replaced?

For the Environment

You should repaint your Park City Kitchen not just to save money but also to help the enviroment. You will not only be saving money but helping minimize the waste and resource needed to produce new cabinets. 


Cost vary depending on needs but for an average kitchen expect tot pay from $1,500 to $8,000 to have your kitchen cabinets painted.

According to eLocal as well as our expert opinion, finding the exact cost can be difficult without understanding the full extent of the cabinets that need painting as well as the location. For instance, painting in Park City, UT will likely cost more than other areas within Utah.


If you have cabinet that is stained, you need to choose a darker color otherwise the stain will blotch the light color of the cabinet.

If you want to learn how to paint a cabinet here’s a good article on how to do it:

KItchen Cabinet Repainting


They always call and say, ‘How did everything go?’ and make sure that it’s right, that the project was done to our satisfaction.


– Victor Novak, Califor Agro Ltd.

The work was done on time and they were considerate of every items we had. So the kitchen looked brand new by the time they were done.


– Adam Jenkins

Amazing and on time. If you are in Park City, you won't have to look for anyone else.


– Sobia Khan

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