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Think you can select a color online?  Maybe you should think again, I just visited a home where the colors were selected online and while it was alright, we made a few slight corrections that fit the lighting and items you just can see in a photo.  My recommendation would be to use online colors to get an idea, but leave the last minute decision on color when you have all the information and know how the final space will appear.  Ask for some help, some people do this for fun.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you choose to paint inside:

Living Room- Do you watch movies a lot?  Use deeper hues to mimic the cozy atmosphere of a movie theatre.  Do you gather around a fireplace?  Create an accent wall to emphasize the natural focal point.  Do you want some “Wow” factor for entertaining?  Maybe add some additional color, wall coverings, faux finish or fabric.

Dining Room- How often will the space be used?  Deep reds and Rust colors(orange) can encourage conversation and interest.  Is this room simply a show piece?  If it’s formal dress it up!  Use crown molding, pencil trim, sheen striping, color changes, wall covering, wood work and details.

Kitchen- Do you cook?  What is your cooking style?  What is your favorite meal?  If breakfast is the best meal, style to fit.

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