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Why not have the home, which is the envy of the street?

Home Painting Advice

Why not have the home, which is the envy of the street? Millions of homeowners spend countless hours working to bring the curb appeal of the home to the best potential. Landscaping, concrete and other items take priority over the exterior appearance of the home, but painting is also an integral part of the general aesthetics. In our opinion, painting can make that property; “pop” why not consider a little paint.

What a renewed coating can do for you?

One new fresh coat of paint could really make a big change. Not only will it improve the appearance of the home and extend the life of the surfaces by many years, it may also add to the curb appeal. If the paint is not peeling or chalking, one coat of the same color maybe all it needs. But if a color change is in mind it will probably need two coats for optimal coverage. And generally, two coats are far superior to one. Sheen can also play a role in the appearance from the curb. Changes in color and sheen may enhance the elements of the exterior. Doors can really stand out with a high gloss, but this probably isn’t the right sheen for siding or wood trim. A softer sheen like an eggshell or satin would be appropriate for siding. Dark colors tend to show more sheen, so keep that in mind when you’re considering that wild front door color. Different sheen’s and colors can also play a pivotal role in the life cycle of the paint. Typically paints with a lower sheen are porous and may fade in dark colors sooner, if the use of a dark color will be necessary; understand a higher quality product may be necessary to stay current with the light colors of the home.
When is it time to paint? Prior to it peeling and chalking is the best time to repaint. Putting off the painting project, may mean more money later. When paints chalk, it is breaking down and no longer has the same protection. Peeling paint always let you know there is a moisture problem. Either the paint is no longer holding the film or more water is present than the coating can maintain.
How long will my paint project last? A quality paint job will last from five to ten years, but many factors will affect the life span. The factors include: Preparation, Peel Bond, and Quality of the products, Caulking, Sanding, Primers, and Cleanliness of the surface, number of coats and Preparation, Preparation, Preparation.
Here’s a list of basic things that should happen prior to the finish paint being opened:
• Pressure wash all the surfaces using some type of detergent.
• Make sure mildew, dirt, chalk, and contaminates have been cleaned off.
• Scrape all peeling or rough areas, then sand to a tightly adhered feathered edge.
• Caulk cracks, gaps, transitions and use elastomeric troweling products if necessary.
• Prime bare wood or newly installed wood.
• Allow ample time for the primer and preparation to dry.
• Check for imperfections, these items will simple telegraph through the finish coat if there not addressed at this step.
Now it’s time to install the final coat, who says, “Watching paint dry isn’t fun?”

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