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Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah
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A Modern Exterior In the Heart of Salt Lake City, UT

You need a professional solution to your unique problem. Moorhouse Coating takes a unique approach to understanding the scope of work and providing a solution, that enhances and prolongs the life of you space, at the best rate of return. Cost driven, and practical about return to service times, we pride ourselves on being the most efficient painting service. Our seasoned group will paint anything that isn’t moving. Interior Exterior Painting, Tank Coatings, Concrete Coatings, Structural Steel, Machinery, Piping, Manufacturing environments are all part of the norm. We can meet the strict regulations of FDA, Clean Rooms, or regulatory requirements specific to your industry.

They always call and say, ‘How did everything go?’ and make sure that it’s right, that the project was done to our satisfaction.



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The outside of your home represents you, your tastes and your commitment to the contribution you make to the neighborhood as a whole.




Exterior Painting Contractor

Painting the exterior of your house is about more than just curb appeal. The right paint provides a protective layer between your home and the elements, preventing costly damage to siding, trim and other materials. With proper prep work and the right paint for the job, you can expect your home’s paint job to look great and stand up to the conditions for several years.

    Park City, Utah


    Homeowners association painting and community maintenance is a specialty of Moorhouse Coating. Our first painting project that puts us into business was a HOA Highrise building. Our goal was to keep the peace and pleasantly surprise all 7 board members along the way.

      Retail/Shopping Center 

      If you need to cover 50 states or 5 states, we have crews ready to travel and typically when the same crew paints a project, at 5 locations or 50 they can accelerate the installation time and also find ways of cutting costs. Typically we get involved when it includes rebranding with lighting upgrades, color changes and signage. All items we can access and facilitate.

        Industrial Coatings

        We’ve coated power generation plants, mills, chemical plants, mines, and pipeline and transfer stations. Moorhouse Coating has also completed in field touch up for power poles, wind generation and turbines.

          PArk City, Utah

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          Technically all paint today is a coating. Paint has evolved away from latex and alkyd products that technically didn’t cure. When we use the word coating we are referring to a two component or product that requires additional surface preparation and more than simply opening the can and installing.

          House Painting Exterior Contractor

          Wood weathers and wears over time and sometimes it will also become stained by waiting to long to re apply more stain. If this is the case the surface stain must be removed and the entire surface will require sanding. Sanding to a uniform, clean surface will allow the stain to penetrate evenly and leave the finish looking consistent.


          What People Say

          They always call and say, ‘How did everything go?’ and make sure that it’s right, that the project was done to our satisfaction.

          Dominic Simpson

          We needed somebody who could really follow through on a relatively complicated painted scheme. That’s what I think Moorhouse Painting did for us, 

          David Thorton

          The work was done fast and of high quality. We’ll definitely be coming back to them for our painting needs.

          Brandy Zimmer

          The reputation of Moorhouse Coating precedes the company. They use the latest know-how ensuring cost and time efficiency. The end result is precise, clean and classic. We look forward to future association with the company.

          Steve Dawson

          We ARE HERE FOR YOU!


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