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Moorhouse Painting offers many Commercial Painting Services.  Specifically, Interior and Exterior Commercial buildings and industrial coatings. 

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Our Commercial Painting Services

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We provide interior and exterior painting services to all types of commercial and industrial companies. Moorhouse Painting offers many commercial painting services.

Moorhouse Painting has the expertise to ensure you get quality results, for the best price. Likewise, we will handle your project with the upmost care to provide results you are looking for.


Our main priority is to get the job done quickly so you won’t have to suffer through wasted work days or lost revenue. Thus, we accommodate to make sure your business isn’t put on hold. Our commercial painting contractors work with speed while delivering quality results.

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As a Commercial Property Manager, you need excellence at a competitive price. We deliver that and much more.  As a result, our 20+ years of experience allows us to deliver quality workmanship at competitive pricing.


Painting at a hospital or medical facility comes with its own set of challenges. Thus, Moorhouse Coating understands the sensitivity of these projects. As such, we have the skills and expertise to paint in demanding environments, including surgery and consultation rooms, offices, laboratories and cafeterias. In order to accommodate for the needs of hospitals and doctors, Moorhouse Painting can schedule our work any time of the day or night. As such, we will schedule the work without hindering daily operations. Just as importantly, our employees will maintain a clean work area and minimize any disruptions.


Education Centers have busy classrooms, hallways, dorms, cafeterias, offices and restrooms. And, you can’t afford for these rooms to be out of service. Therefore, commercial painting contractors work after hours, weekends, holiday periods and off seasons.


Moorhouse Painting is equipped to provide industrial painting services to our clients. In addition, our painters are experienced, equipped and professional. Our experience in industrial painting spans from water treatment plants, power stations, food preparation, labs, manufacturing plants, and petroleum processing.


Whether you are looking for assistance with the interior or exterior of your commercial space, we’ve got you covered. Every job has its own challenges and we have the expertise needed to adapt. We will  work to accommodate the demands of your business.



The outside of your building represents you, your tastes and your commitment to the neighborhood. Keeping a presentable exterior affects the surrounding community. Choose Moorhouse Painting for your exterior painting needs and show off a business you can be proud of.


A high quality interior paint job can truly transform a facility.  Repairing damaged sheetrock and re-painting walls, ceiling, trim, doors, and windows will make a huge impact on the look and feel of your space. Interior painting can revive a space with just a fresh coat of paint. Furthermore, Moorhouse painters know how to apply products quickly, neatly and evenly to ensure a beautiful and lasting finish. Similarly, our professional painters can create a unique feel for your office with innovative designs and a broad spectrum of colors. In addition, there are many commercial painting services which can transform a manufacturing facility into a work of comfortable space. Let us help you create a space that is engaging and exciting!


Power washing is an effective and powerful way to clean the sidewalks and decks of your commercial property. Moorhouse Painters will come with  all necessary equipment and professionally wash all desired areas of your building.


Sit down with experts and discuss any number of painting topics. From giving your old commercial building a new look and feel to yearly maintenance and repairs. We will work with your personal taste and create a unique design that matches the entire space from top to bottom.


Removing wallpaper requires the right tools and a lot of patience. Our professional experts can get the job done quickly and most importantly, without damaging the walls.



Moorhouse Painting will provide a detailed, written proposal specific to your business. It will clearly outline our painting services and a guaranteed price.


Moorhouse Painting hires only qualified painters. All our painters are licensed and verified to work on the job.


It is very important to hire an insured painter. And, while not all unlicensed painters are poor quality, why take a risk with someone who is not subject to specific quality or service standards.


MoorHouse Painting is bonded to protect you, the customers. Although, we do our upmost to satisfy all our customers with our policy of  100% guarantee, it is important to make sure all parties are covered. Ultimately our goal is to provide you with quality service that you will be more than satisfied with. We want to make sure you are satisfied with Moorhouse Painting. So, if we fail to do our job, you are protected from meeting any financial obligations. Our goal is to build long lasting relationships and provide you with quality service for years to come.


Hiring a professional Commercial Painter will guarantee quality service for the best price. Moorhouse Painting uses state of the art technology to ensure you are getting the best possible service. In short, we have the resources and qualifications to complete large scale projects in a timely and cost efficient manner. As a result, Moorhouse Painters will complete your project on time, on budget, and without disrupting your workday.


Timing is crucial for commercial businesses. As such, we understand that painting a commercial facility is not a 9 to 5 job. Therefore, our commercial painters expect to work odd hours, including nights and weekends. However, Moorhouse Painting will not compromise on quality even when racing against time. You won’t suffer from wasted work days or lost revenue.


Besides interior and exterior painting, our commercial services include a variety of skills to protect, enhance and increase your property value. Our team of 70+ skilled professionals are trained to complete any size project. In brief, if you want a quality painting contractor – Moorhouse Painting is here to help.


I have already recommended them to people. They were excellent. Very professional staff they were there when they said they would be there.

Client Since 1995

The reputation of Moorhouse Coating precedes the company. They use the latest know-how ensuring cost and time efficiency. The end result is precise, clean and classic. We look forward to future association with the company.

Client Since 1995

Moorhouse Coating constantly reviews its work at every stage of the job. This helped immensely due to the intricate nature of the task we assigned them. We saw the meticulous execution of a long winded process. It is safe to say that they are the best in the business.

Client Since 1995

The flexibility that Moorhouse Coating provides is unparalleled. For a working couple like us the adaptable schedules they offered and the fact that we paid only for the work done was of great help. When it comes to any painting job we assure you to look no further.

Client Since 1995

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