Painting Contractor in Park City Providing All Painting Services


Wall Covering: installation and removal

Cabinet Refinishing and Wood Restoration

Line Striping

Traffic Flow/Safety Colors

Accent Walls/Wall Repair

Acid Etching

Color Washing/Rag Finishes

Venetian Plaster/Line Wash

Commercial Painting Services

Fine Finishes

DTM Acrylics

100% Solid Epoxies

Floor Coatings

Equipment Coatings

Substrate Repair

Industrial Services

Difficult access or high reach

Corrosion Prevention


Epoxy Injection

Concrete Densifier/Concrete Epoxy


Pillar Wrapping

Log Home Coating Removal,

Stain and Sealing

Specialized Coating Services

  • Industrial and institutional painting and coating application
  • Metal Roofing Coating repair and replacement
  • Water storage tank repair/Clarifiers
  • Corrosion control
  • Concrete grinding and polishing
  • Novolac Epoxy coatings/ Tank Linings
  • Concrete waterproofing
  • Substrate repair
  • Replacement of stairways, including demolition, precast concrete placement and on-site welding.
  • Manhole Lining/Acid Attack/Pump Stations
  • Epoxy coating and sand blasting of metal equipment/Pharmaceutical Mixing Stations


Moorhouse Painting is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for your environment. Specifically, as it relates to corrosion control, advanced surface preparation, coating technologies and substrate repair. Listening to our customers and responding with solutions for the immediate and long term protection has allowed us to work on some of the most demanding projects. Remote site locations, challenging work conditions, aerial access, confined spaces, and multiple locations are all factors in projects completed to date. Furthermore, we intend to prevent oxidization and preserve our client’s assets.


Our Customers include:

  • Kroger Foods
  • Smith’s Grocery Stores
  • Albertsons
  • Hill Air Force Base
  • Iomega Corporation
  • Defense Supply Center
  • Premier Resorts
  • Trendwest Resorts
  • Kier Corporation
  • Wendy’s Corporation
  • Walmart
  • Media Play
  • Auto Zone
  • Salt Lake Rail
  • Energy Solutions
  •  Basin Recreation
  • Ogden City Corporation
  • Salt Lake County
  • Honeywell
  • Futura Industries

Painting Contractor in Park City

Moorhouse Painting has everything you need to get answers prior to making a decision. From green products to computerized color matching. Get the right answers, before investing thousands of dollars. We have many years of references and experience to guide you to the right product or service. Ultimately, it is our intention to help you find answers.

Our Experience
Moorhouse Painting incorporated in 1997 as a full service painting company in Park City, Utah.  Today we are recognized as a Professional Painting Contractor in Park City, Utah, California, Arizona and Florida. Our first projects included interior and exterior residential painting. Soon after, we added  commercial and industrial coating  to the lineup of services offered. Eventually, we found ourselves working all over the world.  Over the years, we have continued to offer new products as well as processes. With the change in VOC regulations and the continued movement toward greener products, coatings has become the largest segment of our business. Today, we apply mostly coatings; however, we still refer to the material as paint.
Our Mission
Our mission is to develop customized paint and coating solutions for our customer’s. Moreover, we will deliver quality craftsmanship with outstanding customer service. Our expertise is used to handle your job in the most efficient, professional way possible. As a result, Moorhouse Painting has built strong, long lasting relationships with homeowners and developers alike. Ultimately, our reputation is built on dedication and commitment to our customers. We are here to serve you. Moorhouse Painting will do whatever it takes to provide the perfect solution for your painting needs.
What We Do
Substrate repair, surface preparation, as well as painting and coating application best describes our core business. We focus on paint and coating projects for: Facilities, Industrial Applications, Transportation, Manufacturing, Hotel and Hospitality, HOA, Homes and a host of other properties. We realize it’s not only a quality job that’s important, but all the details along the way. Specifically, details like: steady operations, protecting assets, promoting a safe working environment, tight scheduling requirements and the list goes on. Those of us at Moorhouse Painting will do all we can to provide you with a smooth experience from start to finish.
How We Can Help

Site review or a facility tour may reveal possibilities unknown to your current team. Therefore, we would like the opportunity to review coating needs you may have. Likewise, we will review all maintenance that will be required in the future. At the same time, we recognize most projects take months to plan. Because damage doesn’t generally happen overnight, Moorhouse Painting would like to help before damage occurs. Upon meeting, we will provide information about our services as well as solutions.

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